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Rehabilitation projects

The project “Providing and Enhancing Quality Rehabilitation Services for Second Generation Victims of Torture” is carried out by ACET in collaboration with Albanian Rehabilitation Centre for Trauma and Torture Victims (ARCT), Argentine Team of Psychosocial Work and Research (EATIP), National expert centre for the treatment of victims of persecution, war and violence (Centrum 45) Netherlands and The Trauma Centre for Survivors of Violence and Torture (TCSVT) South Africa. The project will last 3 years.
The overall objective of the project is to combine strengthening the provision of comprehensive psychological and mental health and social counseling services to secondary victims with research and analyses of the transmitting of the trauma through the generations.
Within the frames of the project Centre ACET will provide individual psychological consultation, group activities and psychotherapy for second and third generation victims of torture in three Bulgarian cities – Burgas, Plovdiv and Sofia. The training of mental health professionals and social workers is envisaged in order to increase their information about the specific needs of the patients and about the therapeutic approaches towards first, second and next generation victims of torture.
Through the organization of public discussions and student seminars we want to direct the attention of the young generation to a problem which has long been either neglected or rejected by the society. ACET also plans to make a short documentary aimed at raising the public awareness on the transgenerational trauma and the individual and social consequences.

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