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The team of ACET

Mimoza Dimitrova, Director of ACET. Psychologist, psychotherapist, chairperson of the association "Bulgarian space for psychoanalysis". Chairperson to the Board of Directors. Managing Director of ACET since May 2004, having worked in ACET as from 1997 - since the opening of the Reception office for the people who have undergone political persecution and torture.


Dr. Evgeni Genchev - Psychotherapist in ACET. Psychiatrist, psychotherapist, chairman of the Bulgarian association of psychotherapy and counseling. Member of the Board of Directors of ACET. He works in ACET from its foundation - as a psychotherapist. He also leads a discussion group there, which has now functioned for more than 5 years. The participants of which are people who have suffered political repression during the communist regime.

Julka Mincheva - Accountant of ACET. Graduated in Accounting and Masters in the Management of administration. Experienced in the field of non-governmental organizations since1995 and has been working in ACET since 1997. Member of the Board of Directors. 

Kristina Gologanova - Social worker, Assistant project coordinator. She has been working with the team of ACET as from October 2005. 

Dr. Radoslav Apostolov - Physician in ACET - Plovdiv . He is a private GP and has joined ACET's team at the beginning of 2003, where thanks to his help, it was possible to open the Reception office in Plovdiv.

Svetla Ivanova - Social worker for ACET - Varna She works as a social worker and a nurse at the Emergency department of the Maritime-military hospital in Varna. She is interested in psychodrama and group therapy.

Dr. Todor Raev - Physician in ACET - Stara Zagora. Specialized in internal diseases and endocrinology. He is part of ACET's team since 1998, when theReception office in Stara Zagora was opened.


Elitsa Trifonova - Technical assistant. Bachelor of International relations, Sofia University.


Kalina Yourdanova - Psychologist, Psychotherapist.

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